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My Anime Podcast

Jul 15, 2019

Other, Others', Hes' and Shes', welcome to Episode 83 of the Reanimetor Pod. This week Taka and Yata are joined by the returning Narakku to conclude the discussion on the second season of 'One Punch Man' and later to discuss the future of the series.  Then inspired by a listener the team dives into a deep discussion on two different personality types of viewer (with some Avatar thrown into the mix). All that and so much more this week on the ‘Reanimetor Pod’ Scraw!!!


Links & Things

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That opener you heard is from the wonderful David Xu. The track is titled Together, My Friend and you can listen to his music here 

We also featured two new tracks from the wonderful man 

New Recruit & Elforest

Amnesia - Terribly Entertaining


Anime Discussed in this show

One Punch Man 2nd Season (2019)


Non Anime DIscussed on the Show 

Avatar - The Last Airbender

The Legend of Korra