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My Anime Podcast

Sep 9, 2020

Live once again from Twitch with a whole battery of technical issues. So sorry in advance for the poor audio and various glitches. This was what could be salvaged from a cursed live stream. It will be back to the studio in future so normal service resumes in the next episode. 

This week we talk 'Run With The Wind'


Aug 23, 2020

Hi all, so last weekend we got together on twitch to record episode 107. However there was a multitude of technical difficulties and we lost about half of the stream audio to audio glitches and evil ghosts. This is what i could salvage from the episode. We discuss some Deca-Dence, Akira, Run With The Wind and pooping in...

Aug 3, 2020

Welcome to Episode 106  of My Anime Podcast. Back at it again and this time we are sadly down a body. Taka could not be with us today, however Yata powers on ahead with the help of an old familiar. This week we return to once more to discuss some of the spring seasonal anime before talking some Deca-Dence and God...

Jul 13, 2020

Welcome to Episode 105  of My Anime Podcast. Back at it again and this time we get down with a brand new season of anime. It is time for a seasonal preview show huzzah. This week we look at the summer seasonal offerings as well as say adieu to all that came in the spring...including Tower of God. All that and more this...

Jun 28, 2020

Lets have a little watch party shall we. In this bonus recording we sat down and group watched the first three episodes of Domestic Girlfriend. I really hope you enjoy and remember to get the full experience please watch along with us.

Episode 1 – 2:49

Episode 2 - 28:18

Episode 3 - 54.05

Anime Watched - Domestic na...